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CSO Podcast, Episode 2: Of Auditions and Venues

In this second episode of the CSO Podcast, CSO Chief Executive Gretchen La Roche and Chief Conductor Benjamin Northey discuss the audition process for orchestral musicians and what roles the different people in the orchestra play in it, and making the concert experience more comfortable for audiences.


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Episode 7: Community Engagement

In this episode of the CSO podcast, CSO Chief Conductor Benjamin Northey and CEO Gretchen La Roche delve into the role that orchestras have to play within the community beyond the concert stage and the orchestra pit, and what this means for orchestral musicians.

CSO Podcast Episode 6: Concert Etiquette

Concert Etiquette is a contentious topic. CSO Chief Executive Gretchen La Roche, Chief Conductor Benjamin Northey, and Concertmaster Martin Riseley delve into the customs of orchestral concerts, from clapping to what to wear, and try to determine whether these customs are still relevant to the modern orchestral concert or whether they are simply habits that have been left over from previous eras.